July 11, 2010

It looks like there will be a replay of the HAM Radio show on EdgeFM Monday at 4pm EST.

They blog their shows here: Ham Radio Show Rundown

and here is the official website:

It looks like some shows make it to iTunes after a few weeks as a podcast so check that out as well.




July 7, 2010

Hey Hey Hey Everybody...

Lots been goin on the past few months...

First off, tonight we were at Ham Radio to do a radio show with Host Uncle Eddie and there will be a replay this weekend so check it out.

We completed the semi-live, living room recording of "Downtown" - we'll have that up as an MP3 soon as well as updates to the site for easier access to all our music and videos.

The video for "Downtown" should be completed next month sometime - keep a look out.




December 27, 2009


And yes... the CD is finished.

Disc Makers has all the material and is pressing 1000 units this week.

Man! What a long time coming.

In case you can't wait for the next show when we should have some CDs available, you can download some near-CD mastered versions of the tunes on the MUSIC page.

Now that the studio will be in a brief maintenance mode, energies will be devoted to polishing up for some live shows, although dates have yet to be announced.  We will also be shooting another video soon - most likely for "Outrageous".  Hmmm, what else... we still have plans to edit some of the footage we shot for that live show in Oct 2008 and probably release some songs from the event by the spring.

That's about it for now - stay tuned for some updates soon regarding shows and we're going to reboot the CafePress page soon so you can get some sweet EOA gear featuring the new album graphics and such.

Peace all - and thanks for your patience.  Hope y'all have a Happy New Year!!!



July 30th, 2009

Significant episodes are abound!

Once Again - The State of The EP Address.

As we've previously mentioned, we're REALLY CLOSE to finishing the CD!!!  The upside/downside to having your own recording playground is that changes/additions/removals/et cetera keep you crafting and re-crafting a work that takes a lot of time but reflects SO MUCH of the band's ideas.  We guarantee you'll be hearing the most personal music we have to offer.  But we really are almost finished.  Three of the five tunes are in the can, and the last 2 have some ever-so minor adjustments to be made, then its off to be cloned over and over and over... sweetness.

Once again, in tribute to your infinite patience, we offer you a gift... The "I Believe" music video we shot almost 4 years ago is now available in the GALLERY.  We were never able to shoot all the footage we wanted, but overall we think you'll enjoy it.  Its also available on YouTube along with the other music videos we've done. 

And remember... don't forget to check in on our Facebook page and our MySpace page for current events.

Ciao for now.



March 28th, 2009

Hey now.

First off - The State of The EP Address.

"Maybe" is completed and the other songs are not far behind.  For your patience, enjoy this MP3 version of the tune from the MUSIC page.  At this point, the EP should be finished by late Spring and some time on the summer the "Live at The Cup" tracks will become available.

The band info has been updated. 

Don't forget to check in on our Facebook page and our MySpace page for current events.





February 17th, 2009

Hola - hola - hola!

We got a show coming up in March (see EVENTS)... abd we know have a Facebook page - feel free to friend request us and watch for events through that page for more up-to-date activities.

Recording is nearly complete for the forthcoming 4-song and mixing is well underway.  Tracks will be (not necessarily in this order) OLEANDER (I Look for You); DAVID; MAYBE; and OUTRAGEOUS.  Once complete the live recording from October 2008 will be the next project to complete.






December 29th, 2008

Ho Ho Hello everybody!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, A Cheerful Winter Solstice, Happy Festivus, Happy Boxing Day, and on and on...

We hope everyone's holiday, however celebrated, was glorious and chock full of mirth.

Some new things are about in the wonderful world of Argus:

Darrell Newell (that's DAR-rell), band manager extraordinaire, is now guiding the path.  That's right, we have new voice and mind helping to steer us into a more cohesive and creatively sound (no pun intended) direction.  There is so much we want to create and offer, and combining that with the tribulations of self-editing and maintaining some form of objective/subjective aesthetic/expression - it can (and does) take too long to get something done with the limited time we have when we all get together - sooooo... Darrell is now our guiding force... Let it be known.

There are no events at this time as we are putting a large push into production and don't forget to check the MySpace page which Darrell has taken over to keep rough mixes of new music and updates comin at ya.





November 10th, 2008

Well hello all - the show last month went great - thank you to everybody that came, the turn out was awesome.  The video portion of the show had a couple less cameras than we had planned for, but there was still a good amount of footage - we've posted a video clip of "Downtown" for your viewing pleasure in the GALLERY.  The audio recording came out great and a CD should be available within the next few months.  Along with that, by sometime in the spring we should have a DVD/CD compilation of the show completed.

Keep watching EVENTS for upcoming shows.

Once again, thanks to everybody who came to our show at The Cup your unending support has been amazing.



August 31th, 2008

Plans continue for the live recording at The Cup in October - also a new event has been added for September 25th at Killmeyer's on Staten Island.

Watch for additional music of works in progress, as well as Pangaea's Ground EP from 1994 to become downloadable as high resolution MP3 files.





August 9th, 2008

OK, The live show at The Cup (audio & video to be recorded) is officially set for OCTOBER 18th - so pencil us in.  We still have the 9/11 show scheduled as an acoustic set planned - all the info is in EVENTS.

Don't forget about the video clips in the GALLERY from the July 19th show. 





August 4th, 2008

The show scheduled for September 11th is no longer going to be recorded on video or audio, however the event is still going on so come on out for it.  The show to be recorded is looking like it will be a Saturday, and October is probably going to be the month - possibly the 18th, but we'll have more on that later.

Don't forget about the new video clips in the GALLERY and updates to the BAND page. 





July 24th, 2008

The show Saturday went great with John Neilson on Bass and former-Pangaea guitarist Jim Golden.  With the satisfaction we've found from our current line-up, it's been decided to plan for a LIVE ALBUM to record at The Cup on September 11th - so save the date and bring the whole fam!!  Don't forget - The Cup is kid-friendly.  We realize it's a Thursday, and a bit off the preferred night-out list, but hey, does an important evening of music, family, friends and remembrance only happen on the weekend?  Of course not.  We hope you all can make it.

There are some new video clips in the GALLERY and some updates to the BAND page. 





July 6th, 2008

We've managed to get some repairs made (and attention paid) to our beloved web-site.  Video links that were not previously working should all be accessible now (of course, a few are on You Tube, albeit a lesser quality video clip).  Also, the last couple years of momentary lapses of reason and other assorted caught-on-SD card episodes have been updated with pics-a-plenty.  Check out the old GALLERY.

We have granted all our friends and fans access to all previously released music in the format full-length MP3 files.  Download and throw 'em on yer iPod for hours of happy listening greasiness.  Get them here: MUSIC

Don't forget... there's a show coming up in two weeks (EVENTS) at the super-groovy, casually-vibed, kid-friendly coffee house/art house and host: The Cup on Staten Island - we would love to see y'all there.

Summer music recommendation:  

Porcupine Tree's IN ABSENTIA

Maybe a nice Return to Forever album - they are touring again after all

Maybe the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs

...'till next time...




June 16th, 2008

Here's what's what...

Emmett has moved on to greener islands... Hawaii, that is.  And James Golden from the years of Pangaea fame has returned to the scene as second axe man.  

We have a show coming up in July (check out EVENTS for info) and recording continues sporadically.

Enjoy the summer heat.



April 8, 2008

Hey now.

We gotta show comin up! 

May 10th at the Cup on Staten Island - check out EVENTS for info.

We are working diligently to get a rough-production version of the new CD out for sampling the night of the show - it may turn into a 1 or 2 or 3 song mini-taster, but we will bring something for y'all to run home with.

More to come...




February 2, 2008

That's right everyone... a new entry.

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster.

A lot has happened over the past year with everyone, and perhaps you'll hear about the details one day, however, let's jump to the nitty-shitty shall we?

Eyes of Argus remains alive and productive.  The studio built at what is now Greg & Kenny's house (Wormfly Studios II) is running better than ever.  Getting everyone together continues to be an interesting feat, and at this point recording sessions are now set for Monday evenings, while rehearsals with different members occur throughout the week sporadically.

The current list of players is as follows:

Michael continues to yell at us; Jimmy remains the strumming king; Greg refuses to quit beating the synthetic fleshy bowls; Emmett has not forfeited rights to his lead-axe, glazing melodies and knob-set-to-11 virtuosities.  Master Refano also occasionally graces our presence (when he can leave Canada) with funky bass lines & arrangement ideas and even some fully written musical compositions.

So all in all, the talent is there, it's been simply getting the forces to congeal on the same night that has been difficult (especially for me...sorry fellas).

In any case, we hit a productive groove on Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week, and recorded the first 4 songs that have excellent potential and will continue to be built upon & refined into the next CD.  Of course, release dates, track counts, etc., etc. are still being figured out.  But we are very happy to let you all know that the recording energy is fantastic.  Four years ago, at WormFly I, we were forced to record tracks at separate times and it absolutely affected our groove and led to multiple retakes and extra work during the post-production process.  Now, we recorded 4 songs averaging 3 takes each and each had 1 -2 mostly usable base tracks.  So we are very pleased.

At this point, I am going to sign off because it is way past my bedtime.

There is more info to come this week, so keep checking us out.

(Including full versions of all past songs, rehearsal takes, hyperlinks to different sites we are no affiliated with, etc., etc.)

Peace out all you loyal fans.


Vote for Ron Paul on Super Tuesday, won't ya?



January 14, 2007

The music videos for "Abandoned" & "Show Me" have been uploaded to MusicNation.com (see below)...check out the site and show your support.

Music Nation Logo (color)

Pictures from the Christmas Party will be uploaded soon, as well as additional pics of WormFly Studios II and such.



January 4, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everybody!!!!

A lot of stuff to go over...however, first and foremost - a GIG!!!!! Check out EVENTS for information.

The official lineup at the show will include Greg, Jim, Michael, Emmett & Demop!!!  Should be a great show.  Hope to see you there.

There are a lot of updates needed to this site...they're coming, including an edit of the video we shot in late 2005 for "I Believe" in the coming months.  Don't forget we have the MySpace site which Emmett has been keeping going.

...More to come.


November 13, 2006

Hey, Hey, Hey everybody...How bout them Dems?

So here is what's-what in the Wonderful World of Argus...

WormFly Studios II is up and running, practicing has been going on there quite often and the creative liquids are spraying everywhere.  Tissue donations are now being accepted.  A lot of work is necessary to bring the web site up to date so stand by for new pictures and video clips.  We've had the whole gang jamming out, even Jim & Mike from the Young Tuscaderos have been traveling across state lines for participatory joys.  The EOA line up is bigger than ever now with Emmett, Demop & Refano around.  

"Tempora Mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis" ("Times change, and we change with them too")

There are no dates to mention for upcoming events at the moment, however, with rehearsal activity at an all-time high we are planning to get back out there soon and start the next CD for a 2007 release.

Peace sisters & brethren.


November's leaf-blowing & burning music recommendation:  

Any Michael Hedges album.



July 31, 2006

The new WormFly Studio is moving along nicely, we should be rehearsing in there in a few weeks and recording by the fall.  There are new pictures in the GALLERY of the April 7th Muddy Cup show, the Fenix Studio recording day & a teeny taste of the studio in construction.

Oh...the CD is available now through Tower Records online!!!  How sweet is that?

Check it out here



June 30, 2006

So the new studio is in the process of construction...we'll have some pictures soon.  It's in a much bigger space at a more convenient location.  It will double as a rehearsal space too, so it's an all around win-win-win situation.

The Rex Crepinsano & The Young Tuscaderos project has been rendered defunct for now...sorry everybody.

EOA has joined up with CD Baby...we're hoping to get involved with TAXI soon as well.


Summer music recommendation:  

Any RUSH album.



April 26, 2006

Check out the Gallery for the 2nd installment of videos from the April 7th Muddy Cup show.

Events has been updated.



April 20, 2006

Check out the Gallery for the 1st installment of videos from the April 7th Muddy Cup show.

Contacts & Events have been updated.

Check out the in-progress MySpace EOA page here - become a friend wontcha?


The Eyes of Argus Entire-Album-Listening Recommendation for April 2006:

Grace by Jeff Buckley




April 10, 2006

The shows went great on Friday...nice to be out and about again.  We promise there will be photos and a video or two for your multi-sensory pleasure very soon.

There are some more show dates announced - check out the details here.

We're also in the process of securing the new location of WormFly Studios...building should commence by the summer if all goes well...possibly sooner.



March 6, 2006

We have scheduled our first gig in over 2 years!  Come down to support Argus and our new side project "Rex Crepinsano and the Young Tuscaderos" at the Muddy Cup on April 7th.  We will have our new CD available!  Emmett Mahoney (Gtr) and Mike Diamantopolous (Bass) will be joining us for the performance!

Check out Events for details.

See yaz there!



February 24, 2006

The CDs have arrived!



February 18, 2006


Hope y'all enjoy this new layout on the website, the modifications are to coincide with the release of our NEW CD!!!!!  That's right, the big box of CDs are arriving Wednesday...check out some CD previews and info in the MUSIC section of the site.

At last night's studio extravaganza, we began creating a song list for the next CD, using some of the tunes that we started recording over a year ago...so keep watching for updates on the 3RD ALBUM!!!

What is happening to the studio, you say?  Well at this point it will either be lost entirely or the opportunity to expand it to more than three times it's size (including bathroom) will occur...we fight, work and pray for the chaos to swing our way...more on that later.

It appears that Emmett Mahoney, guitarist extraordinaire from our past may be joining us in upcoming live & studio events which totally kicks monkey-butt and we're hoping he can take some of our creative obstacles and annihilate them with face-melting, genitalia-mutating, tectonic plate-crumbling, planetary orbit-ruining guitar work.

New photos have been added in the GALLERY.

The Eyes of Argus Entire-Album-Listening Recommendation for February 2006:

Heavy Horses by Jethro Tull



January 21, 2006

Happy New Year Everybody!

So here's what's what...

The final artwork and mastering has been forwarded on and production of the Abandoned EP is officially underway!!!  We've been dealing with the New York location of Music Manufacturing Services, specifically with a swell fella named Ian whose been awesome to work with.  If you have mastering, printing and CD assembly needs...we recommend MMS.  Also, we still haven't uploaded to GarageBand.com yet...still exploring all legal issues on that, but we're pretty sure within a few weeks "Buffalo" will be uploaded...anyway...we should have the first batch of discs in a few weeks...ooh yeah baby.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that it may turn out to be the only CD we'll ever produce at our home studio...unfortunately, the owner of the household that WormFly Studios resides in has met with tough times and will have to sell the house.  There's a lot involved in what may happen here so stay tuned as things progress.

Live long, but only if you prosper...



December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Please forgive the delay in updates, it's been a busy holiday season and we just fixed some major site & server issues last week...

...We are pleased to announce that mixing the CD is complete!

Last week we received the first mastering product of the CD and 2 of the songs are ready, the other 2 need a few changes which is being worked out (hopefully) this week but with the holidays, our money is on first week of January.  

On the index page of our site you are seeing the new cover art for this 4 song CD entitled "Abandoned".     

We also began shooting a video for "I Believe" on the property of Miguel's Hungry Kitchen.  It will be the first of 3 shoots; all to be shot in different seasons - so the Fall footage has been knocked out and we're going to be scheduling the winter shots in late Jan / early Feb.

We are also now established on GarageBand.com and should have "Buffalo" uploaded in the next couple of weeks so be sure to check it out and give us some excellent reviews.

Have a Happy New Year all!



October 18, 2005

Emails have been updated.



October 9, 2005

With "Buffalo" completed (an MP3 will soon be available on this site & at GarageBand.com) and the new "Abandoned" quite possibly finished (all involved need to hear the current final mix), we are damned close to getting this CD done and on to new thangs.  "I Believe" got some new lead/accompaniment electric guitar parts provided by the ever-inventive and ultra-talented Chris Refano, as well as some additional guitar-work by senior Callahan.  "Show Me" has had the new drums recorded and we've done some experimenting on the style of sound from the kit - hopefully y'all will dig this new version of the song.

Don't forget to visit the GALLERY and the MUSIC portion of the site for recent adventures.



September 2, 2005

New photos and music have been added - check it out...





September 1, 2005

...hard to believe that it's been so many months since this was last updated...

Post-production continues on... "Buffalo" is completed, "Fog" put back on hold and "I Believe" now to be a part of the 4-song EP we've decided to focus our efforts on.  We've decided to include re-mixed/re-mastered/re-produced versions of "Abandoned" & "Show Me" on this first disc (the new version of "Abandoned" will be done in about 2 weeks)...all part of an effort to refresh the EOA sound by revisiting and truly creating what the original intention was...very George Lucas of us, we know.

We have opted to continue recordings in song-groups of 4 or 5, with the intention of releasing a new disc every 6 months or so after this first one is completed.  At this point, early November is looking to be the release time.

The biggest change of late has been the relocation of Aaron "A-Man" Niles to study music at college in Purchase, NY.  We aren't quite sure what this means to the EOA line-up (he's only less than two hours away) so for now, he is still the keyboardist and once we begin playing out again, I'm sure Aaron will be a part of that.  Mostly, we're just happy for him formalizing his music education and we all wish him the best.




May 11, 2005

Howdy Y'all

Not much to report, other than the work on the disc continues with "Buffalo" nearing completion and "This Terrible Fog" not far behind.  A first draft of the album cover has been created.  We will be creating a formal announcement soon enough, however, there is no time like the present:  If there are any slap-happy funky well-learned BASS PLAYERS out there looking to get serious about joining a band, contact us won't ya?


...more soon enough...



April 1, 2005 

No, this is not a joke on April Fool's Day...this is an actual update.

We hope everyone has had a pleasing and bountiful year thus far...it has been quite spicy for us.  

The studio continues to be in action, although with everyone's schedule it has been tricky to get us all into record at the same time.  We also, unfortunately, had a change in our line up.  Due to personal obligations and priorities, our slamming bassist Mike "Demop" Diamantopolous has all but quit the band.  We actually haven't even heard from him directly about what's going on in months, all we know through the grapevine is that a close member of his family took ill last year and we believe may have passed a few weeks ago.  The word on the street is that Mike is going to be hanging up his bass for a while.  We hope he & his family will keep the faith and remain strong - it is difficult, and we're all able to empathize...AMDG

Meanwhile, a few months back Chris Refano, musician extraordinaire has been sitting in on some recording sessions, contributing guitar and mandolin.  He has been recording bass tracks since Mike has left and has contributed some great work that has maintained the Argus vibe as well as taken us into some new directions.

Aaron has found a new path away from the percussion and has been recording keyboard tracks now for a few of the songs.

So, the music continues to get recorded and mixed and all that.  We have decided to finish 2 of the 12 songs we've been recording first to create a 4 song CD sampler for promotional purposes (we going to use 2 songs from the last album) and as we begin to refocus on the rehearsals and gigs we want to do this year, we'll get the remaining songs into post-production and hopefully in the summer sometime we have a finished new album with 10 to 12 songs on it.

We understand it's been years now since you've all heard new material, but we promise, it will be worth the wait.  This latest effort has kept all our artistic integrity intact.  We are running the production and with the removal of the "time=money" equation, we can produce the most pure, emotionally cathartic and energetic Argus music to date.

We won't let you down.

- - - 

Until next time.



November 26, 2004 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Recording continues; tracking for "I Believe", "Energy Wasted" & "This Terrible Fog" is completed.  Post-production is under way on those, and the remaining songs are not far behind.

A windows media version of the "Show Me" video is finally available...many apologies for the delay.  We've also thrown in the original "alternate" version of "Abandoned"...this version of the video was shot when the "Show Me" video was, so don't get too excited, but it is still a fairly entertaining piece.



October 24, 2004 

Hola, hola, hola!

Sorry for the delay all - but we have been, and still are, involved in recording a CD in our studio that we're hoping to have done for the Holidays.

The studio (currently named "WormFly Studios") is running perfectly...after a few test recordings we got serious.  Then we scrapped those recordings and got even more serious.  After many books, magazines, advice from fellow Pro Tools users (thanks John B.) and two new acoustic guitars, we're down to recording new bass tracks and then we're into post-production (finally!).  We also got some software upgrades for the midi features; and using a bunch of the percussion loops in the software (don't roll your eyes...they were fun to use) Kelley whipped up a teaser video showing the studio in it's completed state (check it out here).

OK...back to work.



April 19, 2004 

Updates to the merchandise section of the site - new graphics & products available...check it out: 


Still having trouble with uploading a Windows Media version of "Show Me" to the server, but the mpg version and the Real Video version are working.



April 9, 2004 

There was mention of the MPG versions of the music videos not playing back so well, so included on the pages are also Windows Media and Real Video versions of the videos.



The studio is in the process of being furnished, decorated, etc.; and the new equipment racked & stacked...new music will be here soon, we promise!




March 17, 2004


Well...the studio is finished!

We're going to have some cool, 360-degree video footage put on the site soon enough showing off our lovely new facility, however, you can see some pictures that are a few weeks old (they were taken while still in "build mode") in the GALLERY.

We have a project lined up already...to potentially score an indy film!  We'll come back to that project when, and if, it is to be.

To keep your taste buds somewhat satisfied (we really appreciate your loyalty and patience during this "down" period of little-to-no new music), we have made available FULL VERSIONS of the two music videos we did last year...they're both about 30 MB, so they take a little while to download, but we think it's worth it...we hope you do too:



That's it for now.




January 7th, 2004 


We trust everyone had a lovely Holiday...yes?..right...on with it then: 

The new studio is about 75% built.  We have three doors, a window, countertops & shelves, paint and the acoustic tiles to attach  on the walls...and then we are ready to move in!  We're hoping by mid-February the construction will be complete and re-habitation will commence.  Check out the gallery for some stills pix: GALLERY

We have no current plans for a show, but as always, check back here often since you never know what may suddenly pop-up. 



October 16, 2003  


We had a great show at Don Hill's on Sunday...thanks to everyone who showed up, as always, your ongoing support is immensely appreciated!  Check out the GALLERY for 2 video clips from the show.

We were invited back to Don Hill's to open up for RATT on November 24th...we've also still got the Halloween event, and now a show at the Staten Island Waterfront Festival coming up.  Check CONCERT DATES for info on all.

The new studio project continues along...we have the studio's design finished and we hope to start construction in the next few weeks...so hopefully the new music will be getting recorded soonly.

Hope to see you all at the upcoming gigs...peace.



September 28, 2003  


We have 2 shows lined up (opening for Kings X & Fishbone on Oct 12)...check out concerts for all the info!

We are also in the process of joining forces with Protean Dream Industries to create a new recording facility which should greatly increase music and video productions for you all to enjoy...watch for more news on that.

We finally have copies of our CD which may become available through this web site soon, but should always be available at our gigs!

Hope to see you all next month at one, if not both, of our currently scheduled shows.


June 17, 2003  

The DVD is DONE!

Graphics are being printed and discs are being copied!

We are going to have an extremely limited first run batch...but with upcoming shows we should always have a few sitting around for purchase.

The new clip of "Abandoned" is available to sample (click here) as a windows media file.

We're playing this weekend at a private party, however, keep checking for upcoming show dates...the summer starts in a few days and between two more videos in pre-production and seething to get out and play for the public again, we're hoping to have a busy season.

Peace All!



June 11, 2003  

We decided to re-shoot the "Abandoned" video due to it's similarity to

the "Show Me" video and that was just completed last night...watch for a clip to be available on our site.

Protean Dream Industries has just completed the DVD with new graphics and obviously, the new "Abandoned".

Things have gone so well in the wonderful world of video that pre-production is under way for the next DVD which 

will be including more videos of live performances and original productions.  "Cyclone" is to be the first original...watch for that.

We may have a live show coming up so watch for details...possibly on the 21st of June so keep your night available!



April 8, 2003  

It's been a while, but things are back in action on our site!

Protean Dream Industries is putting the final touch on our 1st DVD!

The DVD includes all our songs, a gallery of pictures throughout the ride we've been enjoying

and 2 music videos! Click here for previews of the videos in "Gallery".

We have not scheduled any recent gigs because of all the recording we've been doing, so for now,

enjoy the tunes we've recently worked on. Click here to jump to hear the music.

Our CD has been on hold, and for good reason.  The original 4 songs have been expanded to seven, plus a bonus track...think of it as a Christmas bonus.

The CD & DVD will both soon be available.

The band's line-up has been secured after a bit of light alteration over the past months.  Click here for current band information.